Curried Squash Soup

by Sara on October 20, 2011

curried squash soup with fresh bread

Since I had some cider to use up (courtesy of the apple cider doughnuts), I decided to put some of it to good use in soup. I had a squash sitting around for awhile, earmarked for a new pasta dish I wanted to try out, but when it got cold and windy, all I wanted was a warming soup.

butternut squash

cutting apples

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Scrambled Eggs with Asparagus and Tomatoes

by Sara on October 17, 2011

Eggs & Coffee

When my parents and I were in Door County, the breakfast special at the Sister Bay Cafe was scrambled eggs with asparagus and tomatoes. I, having my mind set on something sweet, bypassed the special in favor of the bread pudding the cafe is known for. However, my mom and I shared each other’s meals. I have to say, her breakfast really hit the spot, and provided some much needed protein!

Though it’s fall, when I saw asparagus on sale at the grocery store yesterday, I simply had to pick up a bunch and recreate this breakfast. So I chopped and sauteed all of the asparagus – it’s nice to have it on hand for future meals, then scrambled my eggs and added a couple of chopped cherry tomatoes, along with a generous scoop of asparagus.

Scrambled Eggs with Asparagus and Tomatoes

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Door County + Apple Cider Doughnuts

by Sara on October 12, 2011

apple cider doughnuts

This past weekend, my parents and I drove through Door County, Wisconsin, to see the fall colors, take pictures, do some wine tasting, and spend some money on fun things. You know, like apple cider doughnuts, cherry strudel, rum fudge, caramels, and wine. And, um, the things we picked out after the wine tasting, which naturally seemed like best idea ever at the time. I am now the proud owner of a baseball cap with a picture of a corkscrew on it that reads “Screw It.” I love my hat, though I know I wouldn’t have had the nerve to pick it out if not for a little liquid courage.

Sister Bay, WI

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Grilled Pizza

by Sara on October 5, 2011

serving pizza

This is, by far, the best pizza I’ve ever made in my life. Yes, ever. And I’ve made a few pizzas, even going so far as to store my own partially-baked crusts in my freezer.

a view from my patio

But unless you have a wood-burning oven in your home, or have jimmied your self-cleaning oven to allow extremely high temperatures without locking the oven, you might struggle to make a pizza from scratch, with results you’re happy with.

brushing with olive oil

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