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Feb 26 2009

French Onion Soup

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French Onion Soup

I have somewhat of a fascination with French bistro cooking, which may have been obvious considering the name of this blog. Perhaps it’s the thought of eating in a cozy little bistro, the idea of getting a homey meal when eating out, or simply that it’s far removed from the perceived glamour of French cooking. […]

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Feb 25 2009

Lemon Bars

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I still remember the first time I made lemon bars. I was in college, and I was finishing up my spring finals. My roommates had already left for summer, and the contents of our cupboards and fridge were dwindling. But there still remained a bottle of lemon juice concentrate. And Betty Crocker just happened to […]

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Feb 24 2009

Mushroom and Garlic Risotto

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A bowl of risotto and a glass of wine are quite possibly the perfect simple dinner in my world. Really good risotto has me closing my eyes and tipping back my head in pure delight. It’s so good that I really savor that first taste, and the second, and the last, searching for each layer […]

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Feb 23 2009

Salad with Chicken, Pears, and Blue Cheese


As winter drags on, I find myself craving salads more and more. Perhaps it’s to delude myself that the grass isn’t still blanketed in snow, that the trees are still without leaves, that my garden is simply a memory. But salads are not confined to the warmer months of the year. With this particular salad, […]

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