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May 31 2009

Weekends with Julia: Beef Braised in Red Wine


This weekend, I decided to make a nice dinner. I saw Mastering the Art of French Cooking sitting on my bookshelf and realized that I don’t utilize this book often enough. I decided see if any of the dishes jumped out at me, and that’s when I found the recipe for Beef Braised in Red […]

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May 31 2009

Weekends with Julia: Brown Braised Onions

brown braised onions

Oh. My. God. Those were the words going through my mind as I took my first bite of these onions. Unable to speak, I let out a long “Mmmmmmm.” And perhaps a little moan. Yes, these are really that good. Actually, they’re better. If you’re familiar with the term Food Porn, well, these qualify. If […]

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May 31 2009

Weekends with Julia: Carrots Braised in Butter

Carrots Braised in Butter

I hadn’t originally planned on making carrots as part of my Weekend with Julia, but they were a suggested side dish to Beef Braised in Wine, and I had all of these extra carrots lying around from making the beef, so I thought, why not? This is a really basic carrot recipe with the flavor […]

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May 28 2009

Ode to Yogurt

Yogurt and Berries

Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved yogurt. Granted, my taste in yogurt has changed greatly over the years, but I can’t think of a time when I didn’t like yogurt in some form or another. I remember the pre-mixed yogurts being popular when I was young, but I soon discovered a love for […]

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