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Jul 30 2009

Ina’s Perfect Roast Chicken

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I love roasting a chicken. When I was little, I loved when my mom would roast a chicken, because it reminded me of Thanksgiving. We all know the power that food has over us, how we associate a meal or recipe with a happy memory. I get memories of family, of togetherness, of vacation, everytime […]

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Jul 04 2009

Happy Independence Day!

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red velvent cupcakes

  I thought today would be a great day to pull a recipe from the archive: Red Velvet Cupcakes. For years I’ve made these for the 4th of July and decorated the tops with blue sprinkles. The shockingly red cake scares some adults away, but children always seem to go back for a second cupcake. […]

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Jul 03 2009

Chocolate Cherry Scones

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Chocolate Cherry Scones

I have a problem. I like love to bake. I bake even when I don’t plan on eating what I bake. If I can’t sleep at night, I whip up a batch of cookies, or a bunch of scones – something quick, something easy. That’s pretty much how I came about making these scones. The […]

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