Oct 03 2011

Iced Mint Green Tea

iced mint green tea

We’re starting a heat wave!

garden of mint

Well, compared to last week and this past weekend, anyway. Over the weekend, I had to turn my heat on a few times, to take the chill out of the air. Yesterday when I got up, it was a whopping 29F/-2C. Brr!

ingredientssweetener in pitcher

Sure, in a couple of months, that will feel warm, but when you’re suddenly plunged into low temperatures, it’s kind of cold. And I had to go out grocery shopping in that weather. For the first time this fall, I had to let my car run a couple minutes to help warm it up. Okay, that was because I refused to get out a winter coat. Or wear gloves.

mint in watersteeped tea with mint

But, for the rest of the week now, it’s highs in the 70’s, and even the low 80’s! (That’s 21-27C, for anyone outside of the States.) So, bring on the summery beverage for likely the last time this year. I have a garden full of mint that’s still going strong, and I’m going to use it while I can.

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Oct 01 2011

Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Cookies

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cookie on glass of milk

A couple of weeks ago, I started thinking about cookies.

sifting dry ingredients

Very specific cookies.

adding brown sugar

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Sep 22 2011

Pumpkin Bread

warm, buttered pumpkin bread

With tomorrow marking the beginning of fall, it seems appropriate to post something, well, fall-ish. (I’m even drinking caramel apple coffee and burning a cinnamon-scented candle in the spirit of the season.)

mixed oil & sugars adding the eggs

I’ve been craving pumpkin bread for awhile now, and even had a can of pumpkin puree stashed away in the pantry from last year. Hey, I learned my lesson last year when I wanted to make pumpkin bars, only to find no grocery store around had any canned pumpkin! There was a pumpkin shortage, which I’ve heard is continuing this year.

first pumpkin of the year

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Sep 20 2011

Smoked Chicken

Smoked Chicken

Where I live, there aren’t many more opportunities to grill outdoors yet this year. Days are shorter and cooler, and though we like to pretend that snow isn’t just around the corner, it tends to sneak up on us all too quickly.

So we grill while we can. Grilling a whole chicken is a nice transition to roasting a whole bird in the oven when the weather cools. And because this chicken is butterflied, it cooks rather quickly on the grill. The addition of wood chips in a smoker box lends a nice smoky flavor, even on a gas grill. It’s also an extremely simple preparation, which always speeds up getting dinner on the table.

Hot off the grill

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