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Nov 14 2009

Sugared Cranberries

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sugared cranberries

This is another “old” picture taken from about a year ago (I’m still in the midst of my Sons of Anarchy Obsession). These cranberries are a fun little treat, and since you can only buy fresh cranberries for a short time each year, I figured now was the time to post about them. I love […]

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Nov 12 2009

Pear Tatin

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pear tatin

Does dessert get any better than caramel and puff pastry? I made this dessert almost a year ago after watching an episode of The F Word (Gordon Ramsay’s show). This was pre-DSLR and natural lighting (there’s not a whole lot of natural light to be had around here in the middle of winter), so the […]

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Nov 10 2009

Peanut Butter Crispy Bars

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peanut butter crispy bar

Here’s a recipe from the archives. By my estimates, most of you weren’t yet reading when I first posted this recipe, but it’s so decadent and rich, that I just had to share it, what with the holidays coming up and all. When I say these are rich, I’m not exaggerating. You’ll probably want to […]

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Nov 07 2009

Blueberry Muffins

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blueberry muffins

I’ve spent the past couple of years searching for the perfect blueberry muffin recipe. It couldn’t be too sweet, too dense, too cake-like, not sweet enough, and it had to have a quality that has you coming back for more. This recipe is immensely popular, so it’s possible you’ve already seen it or tried it. […]

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