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Nov 08 2010

Transforming Leftovers: How to Make Free Chicken Stock

stock ingredients

I recently made an oven version of mushroom risotto. It was good, but not perfect, so I’ll work to perfect the timing before I post it. One thing that kind of stood out, however, was that the flavor wasn’t as round as usual. The only difference, other than the cooking technique? I used store bought […]

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Nov 06 2010

Chai Snickerdoodles

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plate of cookies

Now that the holiday season has begun, I plan to feature a holiday-themed recipe each week. It’s fun, and I know I’ve often turned to food blogs to find inspiration for new holiday recipes, so why not? I’ve even added a “HOLIDAY” tab to the navigation menu at the top of the page – any […]

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Nov 04 2010

Boozy Steak Sandwiches

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sandwich and napkin

We all have our favorite sports-foods. My top two would have to be pizza and nachos, though not in the same meal. But both are easy and quick, especially if you take advantage of your freezer: freeze pre-made crusts, marinara, and taco meat. But sometimes, instead of going the pizza or nachos route, I really […]

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Nov 01 2010

Banana Bread

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baked loaf

One of the first things I made when I was little was banana bread. I could mash the bananas myself, measure the ingredients myself, stir everything with a wooden spoon, pour the batter in the pan, and then Mom would put the loaf in the oven. In college, my roommates and I would often make […]

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