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Oct 19 2010

Transforming Leftovers: Braised Turkey Thighs

turkey, brie, and cranberry sandwich

As I mentioned yesterday, the first leftover transformation probably isn’t the most exciting, because many of us are used to making sandwiches from Thanksgiving leftovers. Then again, I look forward to sandwiches made from Thanksgiving leftovers all year, so perhaps you do, too. This sandwich isn’t exactly like holiday leftovers, but it bridges the gap […]

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Oct 18 2010

Leftovers & Braised Turkey Thighs

braised turkey thighs

As my college roommates can attest, I’ve never been a fan of leftovers. With good intentions, I’d wrap up the food, and into the fridge it would go. The next day, I’d pass over the leftovers in favor of something new, and THOSE leftovers would join the others. After a few weeks, we ended up […]

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Oct 14 2010

Pasta Primavera

pasta primavera

I’m a creature of habit. Whereas some people find a routine to be stifling, to me, it’s relaxing and calming. In the summer, my Saturday routine used to be 1) large grocery store for dry goods, 2) farmer’s market, and finally a quick stop at 3) the local market. After cleaning up produce and putting […]

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Oct 11 2010

Big Crumb Apple Coffeecake

Published by under Breakfast,Dessert

bite of cake

For awhile now, I kept seeing this recipe pop up on food blogs. I would bookmark it, then forget about it. And frankly, I will admit, that there’s a local grocery store that sells The. Most. Amazing. Coffeecakes. Ever. Seriously. For a long time (well, the couple of months since my friend B discovered this […]

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