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Mar 16 2009

Garlic Shrimp with Tomatoes and Linguini

Garlic Shrimp with Tomatoes and Linguini

I try to make an effort to cook recipe-less meals on a regular basis. Some weeks I’ll find myself doing this nightly, other weeks…not so much. But as someone who thinks of herself more as a baker than a cook, it’s important to me to keep experimenting in the kitchen (aside from the baked goods). […]

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Mar 12 2009

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with White Chocolate Buttercream

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Vanilla Bean Cupcake

By now it probably appears that I am obsessed with cupcakes. Maybe I am. Cupcakes are already pre-portioned, everyone loves them, and they are much easier to serve at a party than your standard cake. At least, that was my reasoning when I made these for a party last week. In my post for Double […]

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Mar 11 2009

Easy Sticky Buns

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Easy Sticky Buns

Homemade cinnamon rolls and sticky buns are the best. But wouldn’t a little shortcut be nice now and then? This particular recipe is really a nice treat if you’re looking for a small batch of cinnamon rolls or sticky buns (I cut the original recipe in half), and it’s much, much faster than making a […]

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Mar 10 2009

How to Make Chicken Stock

Chicken Stock

What’s more comforting than a pot of soup cooking on the stove? Making soup used to intimidate me, and the thought of making soup stock made me want to run away from my kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that both are quite easy. If you’ve ever roasted a chicken, you may as well […]

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