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Feb 21 2011

Beef Tips

slow cooker beef tips

In my family, this is serious comfort food. It’s also easy to make and hands-off, rendering it perfect for family gatherings when you want to actually spend time with your family, instead of slaving over the stove all day. We like to enjoy this meal on a holiday, but I also love it on a […]

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Dec 27 2010

Poached Pears

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pear poached in red wine

The first time I ever poached fruit was when I followed a recipe of Nigella’s for poached peaches. They were very, very good (of course, I adore peaches, so that probably helped), but peeling the peaches is always a bit of a pain. I froze my poaching liquid, intent on making them again…but never did. […]

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May 31 2009

Weekends with Julia: Beef Braised in Red Wine


This weekend, I decided to make a nice dinner. I saw Mastering the Art of French Cooking sitting on my bookshelf and realized that I don’t utilize this book often enough. I decided see if any of the dishes jumped out at me, and that’s when I found the recipe for Beef Braised in Red […]

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