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Nov 12 2009

Pear Tatin

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pear tatin

Does dessert get any better than caramel and puff pastry? I made this dessert almost a year ago after watching an episode of The F Word (Gordon Ramsay’s show). This was pre-DSLR and natural lighting (there’s not a whole lot of natural light to be had around here in the middle of winter), so the […]

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Jun 02 2009

Melon with Tequila and Lime

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Honeydew & Mint

My mom once said that a perfect honeydew melon is better than chocolate. Honeydew really is one of the great joys of summer. When it’s in season, it tastes like candy, only better. It needs no adornment, but when you do decide to dress it up a bit, be prepared – it will knock your […]

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