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Sep 20 2009

Project Chicken: BBQ Chicken “Pizzas”

BBQ Chicken Pizza

I never really thought I would like BBQ Chicken Pizza, but I have a friend obsessed with BBQ sauce; several years ago when we went out for pizza, I let him talk me into a thin crust BBQ Chicken Pizza. It was really, really good.

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Sep 17 2009

Make-Ahead Pizza Crusts

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par-baked pizza crust

I’m about to share with you an easy make-ahead recipe that could potentially save you from losing your mind during the middle of a busy week: the make-ahead pizza crust. Think about it. The crust is often the part that has you nixing the thought of making homemade pizza during the week, and good intentions […]

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Jun 20 2009

Individual Pizzas

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“Just cheese, please.” That’s the response you’ll get from my brother and sister-in-law’s niece when asked what she wants on her pizza. In my family, we frequently make individual pizzas at parties, so everyone can pick exactly what they want. And we all get a kick out of that little voice, politely asking that we […]

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Apr 09 2009

Mushroom & Onion Stuffed Pizza

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Mushroom & Onion Stuffed Pizza

Ah, pizza, how I love you. Pizza allows you to get create in ways that you may never have imagined: there’s fruit on pizza, every meat imagineable on pizza, a variety of sauces, no sauce at all, whatever cheese you like, and of course, there are dozens of options for the crust. You could, in […]

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