Crumble Apple Pie

by Sara on September 13, 2010

apple pie a la mode

My grandma is quite proud of her pies. In fact, she probably makes the best pie in several area towns, if not more. She still makes her crust from scratch, though she did give up using lard. A shame, if you ask me, but it’s pretty difficult these days to track down lard. It’s certainly [...]


Apple Tartlets

by Sara on November 3, 2009

apple tartlet

After my annual trip to the apple orchard, I’m always looking for new ideas on how to utilize those apples. There’s always an apple pie, which disappeared this year before I had a chance to photograph it, but luckily I managed to snap a few pictures of these tarts before they were eaten.


Easy Cheese Danish

by Sara on September 10, 2009

easy cheese danish

I used to have a really bad habit. A Starbucks habit. Not only did I endulge my habit every morning on my way to work, but somedays, I would even add a cheese danish to my order. I didn’t particularly even like their sweet dough recipe, but the cream cheese filling? That was a different [...]