Italian Food

Chicken Parmesan

by Sara on April 7, 2011

chicken parmesan

Remember when I had a very klutzy moment, and my camera lens suffered as a result? Well, I had a few more “where is my head” moments when I tried to order a replacement lens filter. I shoot 99.9% of my pictures with two lenses, a Sigma 50mm Macro lens for most of my close-ups [...]



by Sara on April 4, 2011


Sometimes I get lazy. Sometimes I’m in a hurry. When either happens, I open up a jar of pasta sauce, because it’s quick and convenient. But sometimes, sometimes I want to experience the comforting ritual of making my own sauce from (mostly) scratch. This tends to happen when I spy a few cans of San [...]

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Individual Pizzas

by Sara on June 20, 2009


“Just cheese, please.” That’s the response you’ll get from my brother and sister-in-law’s niece when asked what she wants on her pizza. In my family, we frequently make individual pizzas at parties, so everyone can pick exactly what they want. And we all get a kick out of that little voice, politely asking that we [...]