bell peppers

Chicken Lo Mein

by Sara on October 27, 2011

chicken "lo mein"

I have to say, this recipe caught my eye, though I had just gotten Chinese takeout. The original recipe used leftover pork tenderloin, but I’m more of a chicken girl. It was a great weeknight meal, as it came together very quickly. Like any stirfry, having your ingredients ready before you start cooking is a [...]


Boozy Steak Sandwiches

by Sara on November 4, 2010

sandwich and napkin

We all have our favorite sports-foods. My top two would have to be pizza and nachos, though not in the same meal. But both are easy and quick, especially if you take advantage of your freezer: freeze pre-made crusts, marinara, and taco meat. But sometimes, instead of going the pizza or nachos route, I really [...]