Transforming Leftovers

Emergency Chicken Soup

by Sara on October 31, 2010

homemade chicken soup in a hurry

I’ve been fighting a cold for most of the week. It didn’t stop me from cooking, but I did welcome the opportunity to use a coupon for a rotisserie chicken. Two days later, I still had the majority of a chicken left (I’d eaten half of a breast on two different occasions), but not much [...]


Transforming Leftovers: Braised Turkey Thighs

by Sara on October 19, 2010

turkey, brie, and cranberry sandwich

As I mentioned yesterday, the first leftover transformation probably isn’t the most exciting, because many of us are used to making sandwiches from Thanksgiving leftovers. Then again, I look forward to sandwiches made from Thanksgiving leftovers all year, so perhaps you do, too. This sandwich isn’t exactly like holiday leftovers, but it bridges the gap [...]

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