Broccoli Cheddar Soup

by Sara on September 27, 2010

broccoli cheese soup

One Saturday, many years ago, I had a craving for broccoli cheese soup. But not any old soup would do; on this particular day it had to be from Panera. At the time, the closest Panera was about two miles away, not a big deal, right? I arrived towards the end of the lunch rush [...]


Cream of Asparagus Soup

by Sara on March 31, 2010

cream of asparagus soup

Every spring, I welcome the new crop of produce available at the market, as well as the flowers starting to poke through the soil in front of my condo: hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips all represent the beginning of spring to me. I may not yet have flowers to enjoy, but I can at least start [...]


Soupe Savoyarde

by Sara on February 8, 2010

winter vegetable soup

For my next installment of French country cooking, I wanted something fairly simple, yet seasonal. This winter vegetable soup seemed perfect. I had to trek to a couple of grocery stores to find celery root, though around here that’s not all that surprising. This soup is perfect for a cold winter’s night, and it will [...]


Armenian Apricot Soup

by Sara on September 30, 2009

Armenian Apricot Soup

I’ve tried to like lentils. I really have. I even started my lentil adventures with soups, figuring lentils blended with other flavors might appeal to me more than just a dish of cooked lentils. Or not. In defense of lentils, it’s really the texture that I can’t handle more than the flavor, though I suspect [...]