Side Dish

Whole Wheat Bread

by Sara on August 29, 2009

whole wheat bread

This was the first loaf of bread I baked when I started my 30 Day Challenge. Because I had planned on making a BLT, I wanted a bread that was both tasty and hearty, something that would stick with me to keep me satisfied. At first I really liked it. It had the honey wheat [...]


Simple Fruit Salad

by Sara on August 19, 2009

simple fruit salad

Fragrant and sweet, local melon is hands-down one of my favorite things about summer. So when I arrived at the farmers’ market this weekend and was greeted by the perfume of melon, it was difficult to contain my excitement. I could tell by the aroma that this melon wouldn’t last long; I could tell it [...]


brown braised onions

Oh. My. God. Those were the words going through my mind as I took my first bite of these onions. Unable to speak, I let out a long “Mmmmmmm.” And perhaps a little moan. Yes, these are really that good. Actually, they’re better. If you’re familiar with the term Food Porn, well, these qualify. If [...]


Carrots Braised in Butter

I hadn’t originally planned on making carrots as part of my Weekend with Julia, but they were a suggested side dish to Beef Braised in Wine, and I had all of these extra carrots lying around from making the beef, so I thought, why not? This is a really basic carrot recipe with the flavor [...]