Side Dish

Roasted Butternut Squash

by Sara on November 11, 2010

roasted butternut squash with herbs

Usually as we approach mid-November, I’m happily cooking and baking up a storm, relishing the bonus of a warm home. But this has not been a typical year. After a very hot, humid summer, we are still above normal, temperature-wise. As I type this, it’s 70 degrees! People have their heat turned off and their [...]


Green Poblano Rice

by Sara on August 13, 2010

Green Poblano Rice

I have no idea what I was searching for when I found this recipe, but boy, I’m glad I did. I believe I was looking for a vegetable side dish to serve with tacos, and somehow I got to this. Hey, it has vegetables in it, and the end product is green. That has to [...]


Grilled Potatoes

by Sara on July 31, 2010


This is my go-to recipe for making potatoes in the summer – it’s easy, it doesn’t dirty many dishes, and I can use the same technique for sweet potatoes if I cut the pieces into the same sizes I would the baby reds. The best thing is that the cooked potatoes can sit in the [...]


Curried Couscous

by Sara on February 10, 2010

curried couscous

I love, love, love curried couscous, but in the past I’ve often cheated and bought the boxed stuff. But in my attempt to cook as much as my own food as possible, I dug out this Barefoot Contessa recipe that I mentally bookmarked a few years back. I’ve made a few changes based on my [...]