spicy peanut chicken

Wow. I just realized that my macarons post was my 100th post. I suppose it’s fitting that I included a more temperamental dessert in a milestone post, rather than the flop I’m posting today. I’m quite embarrassed to post the picture, as everything about the dish turned out that bad. But, flops happen. And I [...]


Madison Bistro Treats

by Sara on August 15, 2009

Lemon Tea Cookies

In some ways, mid-August is one of my favorite times of year. Sure, I complain about it being a little too hot, a little too humid, but that very heat and humidity is so important to area crops, not to mention my own garden. The available local produce is at its peak, which translates into [...]


Slow-Cooker Chili

by Sara on June 5, 2009


Chili in June? When temperatures are below normal by a good ten degrees, slow-cooker chili is a great weeknight meal. It’s effortless, but it also freezes beautifully, so even if you only have one day of cool temperatures, you don’t have to worry that the chili will go to waste. And if, during the middle [...]



This weekend, I decided to make a nice dinner. I saw Mastering the Art of French Cooking sitting on my bookshelf and realized that I don’t utilize this book often enough. I decided see if any of the dishes jumped out at me, and that’s when I found the recipe for Beef Braised in Red [...]