Peach Tarts & a Challenge Update

by Sara on August 13, 2009

peach tarts

When I take on a project, I tend to ignore everything else in my life. When I decided to start work on an ebook of original desserts, my kitchen started to look much as it does around the holidays when I’m baking and candy-making during every free moment I have. For Christmas, I like to [...]


It’s been one of those days…

by Sara on August 7, 2009

Isn’t it funny how by using that little phrase, you already know that I’ve had a bad day? I had intended to take a day and bake/prep a few things before the temperatures soared over the weekend. I planned on making zucchini muffins first thing this morning, and then enjoying one with a cup of [...]


A Homemade Challenge

by Sara on August 7, 2009

A homemade challenge, where anything goes, as long as it’s been made from scratch. Michael Pollan has been on a mission to get us all back into the kitchen and away from processed foods. In his latest essay, he talks of the popularity of cooking shows and that surprisingly (or not), cooking shows don’t inspire [...]