Banana Bread

by Sara on November 1, 2010

baked loaf

One of the first things I made when I was little was banana bread. I could mash the bananas myself, measure the ingredients myself, stir everything with a wooden spoon, pour the batter in the pan, and then Mom would put the loaf in the oven. In college, my roommates and I would often make [...]


Big Crumb Apple Coffeecake

by Sara on October 11, 2010

bite of cake

For awhile now, I kept seeing this recipe pop up on food blogs. I would bookmark it, then forget about it. And frankly, I will admit, that there’s a local grocery store that sells The. Most. Amazing. Coffeecakes. Ever. Seriously. For a long time (well, the couple of months since my friend B discovered this [...]

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Sticky Buns

by Sara on September 8, 2010

sticky bun close-up

For a reason I’ve yet to understand, cinnamon rolls recently became my nemesis*. How is it that I could make perfect croissants from scratch on my first attempt, chocolate and raspberry macarons, brioche, a boule…yet cinnamon rolls and sticky buns eluded me? In two of three attempts, I ended up with little hockey pucks, and [...]


Raspberry Pound Cake

by Sara on August 12, 2010

served cake

One of my favorite things about the farmers’ market is the mini raspberry pound cake that is sold at an Amish stand. It’s dense and delicious, and no matter how hungry I am, I can never eat as much as I think I can. Sadly, due to a foot injury (my first broken bone ever!), [...]