by Sara on April 5, 2010


Croissants: buttery, flaky, decadent. And absolutely delicious. I’ve wanted to make them for ages, but I never seemed to plan ahead enough to make them in time for the weekend. You need to start the dough a day or two before you want to actually bake the croissants, and I used the “not planning” excuse [...]

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Chicken, Croutons, and Wilted Greens

by Sara on March 11, 2010

Chicken Croutons & Wilted Greens

I’ve never been a big fan of arugula, but the thought of having it with chicken-flavored croutons and roast chicken was enough to convince me to try out this recipe. I was not disappointed. This recipe is worth it just for the croutons. Seriously. I love roasted chicken, but I was tempted to subsist solely [...]


Honey White Bread

by Sara on February 17, 2010

honey white bread

When you have the time, nothing beats homemade bread. I love the feeling of working the dough with my hands, the scent of the yeast as the dough first rises, then bakes. And let’s face it, a sandwich, or even toast, is infinitely better when you know the bread is homemade. I’ve been eyeing up [...]