Cheese Fondue

by Sara on November 29, 2010

Cheese Fondue

When I was growing up, my parents made steak fondue every New Year’s Eve. It really was the perfect night: a relaxed dinner, followed by games and watching Dick Clark (at least, when my brother and I were able stay up that late). At any rate, we loved it much more than going out in [...]

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by Sara on September 16, 2010


When I was in 6th grade, I was obsessed with France. Naturally, when it came time to write a report on any country of our choosing, I picked France. This was a very important report, mostly because we were really supposed to be “learning” how to do research. We got graded every step of the [...]


Sticky Buns

by Sara on September 8, 2010

sticky bun close-up

For a reason I’ve yet to understand, cinnamon rolls recently became my nemesis*. How is it that I could make perfect croissants from scratch on my first attempt, chocolate and raspberry macarons, brioche, a boule…yet cinnamon rolls and sticky buns eluded me? In two of three attempts, I ended up with little hockey pucks, and [...]


Zucchini Muffins

by Sara on July 20, 2010

basket of muffins

It’s zucchini season for me, courtesy of my mom’s garden. For my first “large” zucchini of the year, I just had to make zucchini muffins. They freeze wonderfully for several months, so when the temperature has dropped and you are missing summer so much it hurts, you can always pull a muffin out of the [...]