December 2010

Cinnamon Bread Pudding

by Sara on December 24, 2010

Are you looking to add decadence to your holiday brunch menu? How about a simple, easy-to-prepare dish that most everyone will love? May I suggest bread pudding? It’s sweet, it’s filling, and it can be special. The first time I had a taste was when I went to Restaurant Week a couple of summers ago. [...]


Chocolate Truffles

by Sara on December 23, 2010

chocolate truffles

Deep. Dark. Decadent. That pretty much sums up my view of chocolate truffles. I’ve been a chocoholic as far back as I can remember, though my taste in chocolate has certainly matured during that time. Where I once was perfectly happy with a candy bar, now I look for a velvety smoothness that I don’t [...]


Pinwheel Cookies

by Sara on December 22, 2010


For many years, Christmas Day was spent at my aunt and uncle’s house, replete with turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, and loads of Christmas goodies. (For the record, there were other foods served, but I tend to remember the important ones.) Many of the cookies and confections were also served in my own house, with [...]


Peppermint White Chocolate Truffles

by Sara on December 22, 2010

peppermint white truffles

By now, you may have caught on that I like the combination of peppermint and chocolate (any kind). This recipe is no exception. The thing is, when it comes to truffles, white chocolate is a little trickier to deal with, because it’s so soft to begin with. I went through a few failed batches of [...]