October 2010

Emergency Chicken Soup

by Sara on October 31, 2010

homemade chicken soup in a hurry

I’ve been fighting a cold for most of the week. It didn’t stop me from cooking, but I did welcome the opportunity to use a coupon for a rotisserie chicken. Two days later, I still had the majority of a chicken left (I’d eaten half of a breast on two different occasions), but not much [...]


Mushroom Lasagna

by Sara on October 29, 2010

lasagna and napkin

I’ve been eyeing this recipe for years. Finally, I mentally committed to making it this fall, but the weather never seemed to cooperate – it was always too warm. Eventually, I gave up waiting for the perfect day, and I started the preparations with the windows open wide, the temperature still in the 70’s with [...]


Winter Squash Soup with Gruyere Croutons

by Sara on October 25, 2010

squash soup with gruyere croutons

There are two things that signal the transition from spring to summer for me: the changing dynamic of the farmers’ market, with the end of tomatoes and zucchini, and the influx of apples and winter squash; and the transition in my garden from summer flowers to my mums. September and October mark my favorite time [...]


Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Sara on October 21, 2010

stacks of cookies

I did it again. I just can never seem to leave well enough alone, but this time I think I’ve finally come to accept that I have already found the chocolate chip cookie recipe that I deem the best. It’s chewy, buttery, and tastes as good at room temperature as it does warm out of [...]