October 2009


by Sara on October 4, 2009

cooking salsa

First, I have a confession to make. I’ve never made very good salsa. Fresh, cooked, it doesn’t matter. I’ve always happily left salsa up to the pros, until I tried the salsa that my friend’s mom makes each year. It’s good stuff – not too hot (I’m a wimp like that), but not too mild. [...]

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Canning 101

by Sara on October 3, 2009

The first time I decided to try my hand at home canning, I was terrified. If you read any “how-to” instructions on canning, they sound so scary! In reality, it’s really not difficult to can, but there are a few important steps to take so that you do not poison your family and friends. 1. [...]

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Caprese Salad, Madison Bistro Style

by Sara on October 1, 2009

caprese salad, bistro style

My grape tomato plant is out of control. I always get the bulk of my tomato crop in late summer to early fall, and this year is no exception. While my larger tomato varieties haven’t done so well this year, the grape tomatoes seem to want to make up for their counterparts. This salad came [...]

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