September 2009

Armenian Apricot Soup

by Sara on September 30, 2009

Armenian Apricot Soup

I’ve tried to like lentils. I really have. I even started my lentil adventures with soups, figuring lentils blended with other flavors might appeal to me more than just a dish of cooked lentils. Or not. In defense of lentils, it’s really the texture that I can’t handle more than the flavor, though I suspect [...]


Brown Butter Brown Sugar Shorties

by Sara on September 29, 2009

brown butter brown sugar shorties

I just might have a new favorite cookie, simply because these are so different from what I usually make. And they are a slice and bake, which means I can make just a couple at a time – very important, because if I had an entire pan of these, the fragrance alone would beckon me [...]


Marrow Bones

by Sara on September 28, 2009

roasted marrow bones

When asked what his choice for his last meal would be, this was Anthony Bourdain’s pick. Well, Bourdain would have Fergus Henderson of St. John restaurant roasting his marrow bones, but marrow is surprisingly easy to prepare, though a little daunting at first if you’ve never encountered this delicacy. Prepared with brown sugar and ancho, [...]


spicy peanut chicken

Wow. I just realized that my macarons post was my 100th post. I suppose it’s fitting that I included a more temperamental dessert in a milestone post, rather than the flop I’m posting today. I’m quite embarrassed to post the picture, as everything about the dish turned out that bad. But, flops happen. And I [...]