March 2009

Peanut Butter Crispy Bar Wars – Part One

by Sara on March 31, 2009

Peanut Butter Crispy Bar

I made these in an attempt to channel my childhood. Every year at Christmas, my aunt would bring Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Bars topped with chocolate. They were delicious, and it was difficult for me to stop at one because I knew they wouldn’t be on the menu again until the following year. I still [...]



by Sara on March 29, 2009


Baking bread is one of my favorite weekend projects. For this rustic loaf, I like to mix my starter on a Friday night and wake up to the smell of yeast in the morning. The dough comes together quickly, and a few short hours later you have a wonderful country bread. This is an easy [...]

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Chocolate Cookies with White Chocolate Chips

The mug in the picture might give it away that I made these cookies awhile ago. I really was simply waiting for the perfect time to share the recipe with you; I didn’t want to post this recipe too close to the holidays, as many of us were suffering from COS (cookie overload syndrome).   [...]


Fast & Easy Chicken Parmesan

by Sara on March 24, 2009

Chicken Parmesan

This is another one of those meals that I’m almost embarrassed to post. However, fifteen minutes after I turned on the oven and the stove, I was sitting down and enjoying my dinner. This really is the epitome of a quick weeknight meal, and it’s just perfect for those nights that you’re exhausted and hungry. [...]